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Iberian pork marinated tataki

Court of undercooked Iberian sirloin marinated, grilled accompanied sealed to the zucchini flower stuffed with porcini season with a sauce demiglass own extracted by maceration. Ingredients Iberian sirloin Pork broth Soy sauce Dijon mustard Zucchini Boletus

Hake with sauce “marinera”

ake longline baked with organic tomato and onion confit. Roasted red peppers seasoned with garlic oil macerate thereof peppers and a touch of hot pepper and olive. This "sailor" flambé with brandy sauce 60 years. Ingredients Hake Organic tomatoes Sweet onions Red pepper Garlic Olives 60 years old Brandy Chilli (P)

Trunk of wild sea bass baked

Wild sea bass marinated with lime juice Brazilian orange and grapefruit baked extra Picual olive oil on a bed of mashed potato with citrus and sesame oil. Ingredients Sea bass Orange peel Grapefruit peel Extra Picual olive oil Garlic Spices (salt flakes and exotic peppers) Mashed Monalisa potatoes Sesame oil Chive Lime juice Spices (salt flakes and exotic peppers)

Boletus with vegetables and poached egg

Stir in 4 different kinds of mushrooms with green asparagus al dente and duck poached egg white truffle oil. Ingredients Shitake Rossinyol Trompetas de la muerte Funghi Green asparagus Duck egg Truffle oil

Puff pastry with potato and sausage

Candied potato strudel Prades and baked with black and white sausages Girona with walnuts and pine nuts and stir a few drops of black truffle oil. Ingredients Potatoes from Prades Black sausage White sausage Black truffle oil Nuts (F) Sprockets (F)

Lettuce salad and caramelized onions

Nest of fresh lettuce accompanied by caramelized onions simmered with brown sugar with best crumbled goat cheese with care and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil first pressing and sesame. With a touch of Pedro Ximénez reduction. Ingredients Lettuce Onion Sesame Brown sugar Goat cheese Pedro Ximénez

Red prawn tartare

Fresh red prawn tartare with avocado in its ripeness with organic tomato, sweet onion Figueras. Served with sauteed pine nuts with reduced head shrimp scampi and lemon peel oil. All seasoned with exotic peppers, tomato and apricot salt and chives. Ingredients Red prawn Avocado Onions from Figueres Sprockets (F) Oil of lemon zest Chive Spices (exotic peppers and salt with tomato and apricot)

Figs with wine and macadamia nut ice cream

Delicious figs in their ripeness caramelized with brown sugar and port wine syrup. Served with a creamy sauce of black chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with better macadamia nuts. Ingredients Figs Port wine syrup 90% Chocolate cocoa Macadamia nut ice cream Brown sugar

Carpaccio of prawns with pomegranate

Fine fresh prawns carpaccio marinated with various citrus during the exact time not alter the taste of seafood. The time suitable maceration makes no flavor stand out above the rest getting balanced taste intensity. All this topped with a basil vinaigrette, exotic spices and nuts. Accompanied by the best season pomegranate. Ingredients Prawns Pomegranate Basil oil Pistachios (F) Brazilian lime zest Grapefruit zest Spices (salt and exotic herbs and orange peppers)

Coulant with Madagascar vanilla ice cream

Fabulous chocolate cake with melted chocolate heart topped with a scoop of vanilla from Madagascar, basil and toppings. Ingredients Belgian chocolate Chocolate cake Madagascar vanilla ice cream White chocolate 90% Chocolate cocoa Fresh basil Topping