The chef at home

For those willing to break with tradition to go to a restaurant

Chef at home

Table prepared by Chef Nacho

Enjoy a totally unique and personalized dining experience in the comfort and privacy of your home: The chef at home. Specially designed for dinner with your partner, your friends, your family …

Contact me by e-mail, by phone at 662 727 522 or by this Contact form.

We talk, we know each other and if you want, we can make a menu, you and me, or you can choose between the options you’ll find the section Menus and plates.

Once we decided the menu, we were on a day and hour. I come to your house and start to prepare the dishes, one by one, in situ, in your own kitchen. Prepare the table and will serve the various dishes, each one of them. At the end of the evening, gather everything and I am leaving the kitchen as we have found.

For all occasions:

  • Anniversaries and romantic dinners.
  • Business dinner.
  • Family celebrations and birthdays.